The Calgary City Nature Challenge, sponsored by Nature Calgary, is an exciting opportunity for citizens of all ages to engage in documenting the biodiversity of their city. The event runs from April 28 to May 1, 2023, and offers a variety of activities designed to help people get involved in documenting different plant and animal species in their local area.

This event is part of the international City Nature Challenge that is designed to create a better understanding of urban biodiversity and inform conservation efforts. Calgary is just one of many cities around the world participating in this important citizen science project. By using the iNaturalist app (, anyone can participate in identifying and recording different species, which will contribute to a global database of urban biodiversity. If you want to learn how to use iNaturalist join us on April 19th for our Speaker Series talk: Explore the World Through iNaturalist: A Beginner’s Guide.

There are many events happening around the city during the Calgary City Nature Challenge, including guided walks, workshops, and family-friendly activities. You can see all Nature Calgary’s, which are free to everyone. These events are a great opportunity for people to learn about the different species that call Calgary home and to connect with others who are interested in protecting and preserving urban biodiversity. Whether you are a seasoned naturalist or a curious beginner, there is something for everyone at the Calgary City Nature Challenge.