Donate to Nature Calgary


Support the preservation and appreciation of natural areas in Calgary

Nature Calgary is a community of Calgarians that promotes the preservation of natural areas and education for all ages. We are completely volunteer-run and all membership fees and donations go towards our events, activities and grants.

All donations are gratefully received and will be used to further our objectives. Nature Calgary is a registered charity (BN/Registration number 129831566RR0001). Donations over $20 submitted by PayPal or by mail will receive an official CRA tax receipt.


Print the donation form and mail it with your cheque made out to Nature Calgary.

Nature Calgary
PO Box 981
Station M
Calgary, AB
T2P 2K4


Donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt. Select “Donate with a Card” to complete the donation. 

Tru Earth Fundraiser

When you purchase eco-friendly home and laundry products, Nature Calgary will receive 20% off the sale.