Mission and Values

Coral Fungus © Stephen Spring

Not only does Nature Calgary create opportunities for Calgarians to enjoy the natural areas within and beyond Calgary, but we also advocate for the long-term preservation of natural habitats.

Nature Calgary has been a voice for the natural areas and parks that Calgarians enjoy today.  The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Edworthy Park and Nose Hill were all preserved by the City of Calgary with the help of dedicated volunteers from Nature Calgary. 

Our team of volunteers represent Nature Calgary to external agencies and committees. They also prepare letters, recommendations and reports based on the feedback from the Nature Calgary board and members. 

Nature Calgary is guided by our main objectives:

  1. To promote and assist in the preservation of native habitat and of natural features.
  2. To provide publications and educational opportunities for the membership and the public.
  3. To promote the collection of natural history observations for statistical and educational purposes.
  4. To engage in any activity ancillary to the achievement of the above objectives.

Members and non-members are welcome to join us in advocating for the preservation of natural areas within the City of Calgary. Send us a message if you are interested in participating in our advocacy activities. 


Past successes

Recent letters and advocacy activities include: