Mayoral Responses to Nature Calgary Questions

Nature Calgary sent out four questions to all mayoral candidates in advance of the 2021 municipal election happening October 18. Nature Calgary is no way endorsing any individual candidate nor will any board member be commenting on behalf of Nature Calgary in support of a candidate. The goal of this exercise was to help inform members about candidates’ relationships with Calgary’s natural areas and how they will help to steward our urban environment. This page will be updated if any additional responses are received in advance of the election.

To view the responses, please click the link beside each candidate name. Candidates who did not respond are listed below.

Weaselhead Glenmore Park Preservation also sent out questionnaires to Ward 11 and mayoral candidates. Please visit their page to see  the responses they received. Find out more information about candidates and voting.


Responses Received

Responses Not Received

  • Jan Damery
  • Jeff Davison
  • James Desautels
  • Brad Field
  • Emile Gabriel
  • Jyoti Gondek
  • Paul Michael Hallelujah
  • Zac Hartley
  • Larry Heather
  • Kevin J. Johnston
  • Randall Kaiser
  • Zane Novak
  • Teddy Ogbonna
  • Mizanur Rahman
  • Geoff Rainey
  • Adam Roberts
  • Sunny Singh
  • Will Vizor
  • Stan the Man Waciak
  • Shaoli Wang