Join the Calgary Pollinator Count Summer 2021 Pilot

Learn more from the University of Calgary’s Office of Sustainability 

Faculty and student researchers at the University of Calgary in partnership with the Office of Sustainability are interested in gaining understanding of the species diversity and abundance of pollinators supported by different flowering plants in the Calgary Pollinator Count.  

In general, we know some plants support a greater diversity of pollinators, and some pollinators require specific plants – but not what the specifics are in Calgary or other urban environments. This knowledge will allow us to create Calgary guides and resources for city planners, backyard gardeners, and landscape designers to support our urban pollinators.

Who can get involved?

Anyone in the City of Calgary interested in observing pollinators! 

What are pollinators?

  • Pollinators can include any animals that interact with the flowers, and flower parts, of plants. This July hunt  pilot project is focused on insect pollinators (for example, bees, wasps, flies, beetles, butterflies).
  • Pollinators require abundant and easily accessible food (in the form of flowering plants) all season.

Why participate?

  • Pollinators are essential members of ecosystems. Our native flowering plants and many of our foods are dependent on pollinators.
  • Native pollinators are in decline due to a variety of factors, and a better understanding of how to support them is important.
  • We can support pollinators by planting the best plants throughout our urban environments – creating pollinator corridors in our backyards, balconies, community gardens, in parks, and along roadways, all makes a difference.

Learn more about the Calgary Pollinator Count