44 students from the Wildwood School Grade 3 class explored an awe-inspiring day at the Weaselhead Preservation Society! The class got to learn all about Mayflies, Caddisflies, and Dragonflies!

They were thrilled to see birds flying to and from a Cliff Swallows nest. They even peered at invertebrates through magnifying boxes! Joined by local artist, Verna Vogel, the class topped off their day to collect and craft their own experiences through nature art and illustrations.

Thanks to the Nature Calgary Education Grant ! We were able to go on this field trip to one of Calgary’s most beautiful preservation societies.  We really appreciate the opportunity to take our students to such a beautiful place in in our city. To be able to connect what we have been learning in the classroom to nature is priceless! Teachers, students, and volunteers alike had fun day learning and exploring!
Karen Beck, Grade Three Teacher from Wildwood School