Today our Grade One students at Banting and Best school participated in the ‘surviving the seasons’ program at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. We began our day with a nature walk through the property guided by our very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide Jackie. Students observed and inquired about the signs of animal presence in the area, such as trees with beaver markings and magpie bird nests.

We were fortunate enough to watch a robin begin building her nest; two deer camouflaged in distance, lastly many ducks and geese that have returned from their migration.Next we learned about the many different ways animals survive the seasons in the Nature Classroom. Students were fully engaged while Jackie shared her extensive knowledge about migrating, hibernating and adapting animals. Our Grade Ones then participated in five stations including real animal artifacts related to their adaptations for students to observe closely. Concluding our day students took their sketch books back outside to draw our surroundings. Luckily for us a few geese decided to remain fairly still while our excited seven year olds documented their presence.

Thank you very much Nature Calgary for giving our students the opportunity to learn about how the changing seasons effect the animals around us.