©Anne K. Elliott

©Anne K. Elliott

For current and prospective Nestbox Monitors, here is an opportunity to meet other nestbox monitors and learn how the year went, and to find out what monitors do.  There may be trails that need new monitors in 2017.

Calgary Area Nestbox Monitors Annual Meeting Sat Oct 29, 2:00pm, Rm 211 at Bioscience Bldg at U of C.

The following presentations are planned:

  • A paper by Dr Dorothy Hill and her students at Mt Royal University using data from nestboxes on the Cross property plus Andrew Holder’s adjacent trail. Andrew’s trail has been mapped as an overlay onto historical, current and proposed land use maps, showing the encroachment of urban development over time.
  • Dr Hill and her students have a smartphone/tablet application that maps nestbox locations and records nestbox data.

For information, call Don Stiles, 403-271-4689, or Bill Taylor, 403-244-3044.