Nature Calgary members are very concerned about proposed structures and changes at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. On Feb 16, Nature Calgary and Inglewood Community Association presented their appeal of the development permit for the Outdoor Classroom, for which excavation started in Dec 2015. John McFaul, Ian Halladay, and Mike Mulligan spoke for Nature Calgary, LJ Robertson and Sandra Stead for ICA. The Subdivision Development Appeal Board announced on Mar 3 that the appeal was successful. They stated that the location next to the protected area in IBS is inappropriate, as it is too close to the protected area at the south end of the sanctuary. Also, the fire department’s need for a significant turnaround area for their fire trucks would negatively impact the area. They stated that there are other suitable areas for the classroom to be built.

Nature Calgary plans to contact the City and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to invite them to meet and discuss appropriate options.

Read Nature Calgary’s letters and submissions to SDAB on our Issues page. We appreciate the efforts of John McFaul, Mike Mulligan, and Ian Halladay in preparing and making submissions to the SDAB. Also see the City’s Bend in the Bow website.