Prizes were awarded Jan 29, 2016 for the 2015 birding competition organized by Birds Calgary and Nature Calgary volunteers.  Congratulations to all the participants!  This proved to be a fun way to increase eBird usage, as well as for individuals to improve their birding skills and find new places to bird in the area. Article on Birds Calgary Blog.  A presentation on the competition results will be made at the April 6th Bird Study Group meeting.  Thanks go to our sponsors:  Nature Calgary, The Wild Bird Store, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park, Burrcan Holdings, Phil Evans, Lynne Colborne, Richard Schulze, Lynn Wilsack, Susan Thierman, Phil Cram, and an anonymous donor.  The winner in the experienced Category, Brian Elder, saw 275 species in the count circle (an 80 km radius circle centred on the Centre St Bridge).

Winners of the eBird Calgary 2015 competition. L to R: Organizers Bob Lefevbvre, Dan Arndt. Winners Phil Ullman, Ruth Ullman, Ray Woods, Simone Pellerin-Wood, Brian Elder, Aidan Vidal, Ethan Denton, Blake Weis, Lorrie Anderson, John Anderson, Graeme Mudd, George Best. Missing: Aphtin Perratt, Chris MacIntosh, Bernard Tremblay. Photo © Wayne Walker