The public is invited to provide their input to the Bend in the Bow park planning project, which includes Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Inglewood Wildlands, Pearce Estate Park, and nearby city lands.  Nature Calgary has been represented on the advisory group by Cassiano Porto and Ian Ross.  This year, phase 1 of the project includes IBS, which is a federally regulated Migratory Bird Sanctuary established in 1929 and owned by the City since the 1960’s.  Read about this City of Calgary project and provide your input by Dec 30, 2015.  Note: on the “Provide your Input” tab, the link “Review the Open House Presentation Materials” takes as much as 5 minutes to load, but most of the material is also visible on the survey itself.

Some of the proposals include new trails and blinds, a playground, an outdoor classroom (currently under construction), garden plots for children, and other structures.  Nature Calgary has been represented on the stakeholder advisory group by Cassiano Porto ( and Ian Ross (, who have advocated for minimal facilities and structures so as to reduce habitat loss and human activity in the Sanctuary.

Some of our members are concerned that the proposed changes appear to emphasize attracting and servicing more human visitors, even though the purpose of the Canadian Federal Migratory Sanctuaries is to preserve the area for nesting birds.

For more information contact Ian Ross at or Cassiano Porto at  You may also wish to make your views known to your city councillor.