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Andrew Hart presents John McFaul with Nature Alberta Award, Nov 17, 2015

On November 17/15, Andrew Hart, President of Nature Calgary, presented John McFaul with the Frank and Alice Harper Memorial Award. This award was created in honour of Frank and Alice Harper, two long-time naturalists, who served the Lethbridge Naturalists’ Society in many capacities.


For more than thirty years John has been a valued member of Nature Calgary’s Board of Directors. He has organized nearly three hundred speakers for the club’s highly anticipated monthly meetings. His lengthy tenure makes him the “go to person” for background knowledge and history of the society. John unselfishly gives his time to represent Nature Calgary at local meetings and functions with respect to local environmental and wildlife issues, and enthusiastically participates in Nature Calgary’s activities including coordinating bird counts, leading field trips and other year-round outdoor excursions. Over the years John has contributed to writing and publishing several books and field guides, his spectacular photographs have been featured on CFNS fundraising note cards and he has written many articles promoting a variety of nature activities.

According to Nature Alberta, “There are many “unsung heroes” among the naturalist community. John’s generous spirit and passion for understanding and conserving the natural environment truly exemplify the qualities valued by our societies. John, our “unsung hero,” is most deserving of this prestigious award. Thank you John!