The eBird Calgary 2015 competition has provided a fun and challenging opportunity for Calgary-area birders to learn about birds and birding locations in the region, and to share and preserve their sightings on eBird, thus contributing to the global database of birding knowledge. In addition to the year-long competition, the organizers have held several smaller competitions throughout the year. Prizes have been awarded for these short challenges, and we also have prizes in place for the top finishers in each of the four main year-long competition categories.

The organizers of the eBird Calgary 2015 birding competition are grateful to the sponsors who have donated prizes:

The Wild Bird Store, Burrcan Holdings Ltd, Phil Evans, Friends of Fish Creek, an anonymous donor, and Nature Calgary.

We would also like to be able to award prizes to our second-place and third-place finishers, and we would like to hold more small competitions over the last three months of the year. This will provide the incentives necessary to keep up interest through to the end of the year.

If you would like to promote the goals of our competition, please go to our Donate Page to make a contribution. Instructions to pay online or by cheque can be found there. Please specify “2015 Birding Competition” on the cheque or on PayPal’s “Special Instructions for Seller”. If you do that, 100% of all gifts will be used to purchase prizes for participants.

An official tax receipt will be issued for any monetary donation over twenty dollars. Donations will be recognized on Nature Calgary’s website,  and on the Birds Calgary blog.

Please direct any questions to