Nature Artifacts and Photos Wanted:

Do you happen to have the odd rodent skull hanging around the house? Perhaps a wasp or a bird nest, or owl pellets?  Maybe a fossil or two, or a piece of wood gnawed by a beaver or anything else relating to the natural environment in the Calgary area?  If you would like to get rid of any of these types of articles, Nature Calgary can make use of them.

Items such as these can be used to attract attention to the Nature Calgary table at various events which we are invited to participate.  This year Nature Calgary will be focusing on family oriented field trips with the intent of raising the interest in nature of young Calgarians, and having items for show and tell will be of assistance in this area.

No artifacts?  How about pictures (files) of birds, animals and plants that can be found in our region?  We will be putting together a guide/checklist for children to use during the family field trips, so if you have any photos suitable for this purpose and are willing to let them be used in this type of guide, please pass them along to Ian Ross at  It would be appreciated if the subject (species) of each photo is named to assist in creating an accurate document.