The Wilderness Defenders Awards will be presented to Tom Maccagno and Nature Calgary member Gus Yaki, by the Alberta Wilderness Association at their Annual Lecture and Awards evening on Oct 31.  This event will be held at AWA’s Hillhurst Cottage School – 455 – 12th St. NW • Calgary, Alberta • October 31, 2014.  Reception including refreshments 6:00pm, Lecture and Awards 7:00pm. Members $50/Non-members $75. Reservations are required, space is limited. Reserve online at or call 403-283-2025.

Congratulations, Gus!

Gus Yaki has previously been honoured by Nature Alberta with their Loran Goulden Award.

AWA Annual Lecture and Awards Evening:
2014 Martha Kostuch Annual Wilderness and Wildlife Lecture “Legislating Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities”

Sponsored by AWA’s Alberta Wilderness and Wildlife Trust, the annual Martha Kostuch Annual Wilderness and Wildlife Lecture is an opportunity to present the ideas of researchers in a field related to conservation of wilderness. AWA invites speakers for our annual lecture to challenge AWA to seek new directions and ways to increase its effectiveness. AWA is proud to present these lectures in pursuit of its mission “Defending Wild Alberta through Awareness and Action.”
The 2014 guest lecturer is Dr. Ted Morton. As our guest lecturer, Dr. Morton has been invited to speak about his vision that led to the Land Use Framework and province-wide planning process. A vision for conservation and meaningful on-the-ground planning for our legacy of wilderness and wildlife is part of AWA’s vision and mandate and we expect Dr. Morton will challenge us as he reviews the process, the reality and the difficulty in legislating conservation.
Wilderness Defenders Awards will be presented to Tom Maccagno and Gus Yaki. Both of these gentlemen are known as remarkable naturalists, each of them working and making a difference in different corners of Alberta to help others learn and know more about wild Alberta and our natural world.
A Great Gray Owl Award will be presented to Heather Crone, a vivacious, untiring and selfless volunteer.