At the Dec 19 Nature Calgary AGM, the following Board members were elected.   Thanks to all who keep the work of Nature Calgary going!  If you are considering helping with any of the vacant positions, please contact someone on the Board to discuss.

—President:  Andrew Hart
—Vice-President:  vacant
—Treasurer:  Ed Kissinger
—Secretary:  Sue Konopnicki
—FAN representative:  vacant
—Program Director:  John McFaul
—Manager of Communications:  Jan Brigden
—Manager of Website:  Linda Vaxvick
—Manager of Marketing:  Lynne Colborne
—Manager of Representation: vacant
—Volunteer Coordinator: Monte Solberg
—Advocacy Comm. Chair: Doug Collister
—Directors-at-large: Sarah Nevill
                        John Stewart
                        Karel Bergman
                        Ian Ross