Nature Calgary is pleased to launch our new, extensively revised website. We hope that you enjoy the new look, and will browse through it. Please note that the website is compatible with the two latest versions of the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE8 and IE9).

You now have the the ability to use online payments, using a credit card, bank debit card, or Paypal account. Of course, you can still use mailed cheques if you prefer.Thanks are due to our contractors, Chinook Multimedia of Edmonton, and to Nature Calgary volunteers : Linda Vaxvick, Jan Brigden, Sue Konopnicki, Kayla Konopnicki, Daniel Arndt, Andrew Hart, Ed Kissinger, John Laurence, Ian Halladay, Peter Roxburgh, Bill Wilson, Phil Cram, Greg Wagner, Terry Poulton.

Thanks also to photographers Anne K. Elliott, Stephen Spring, Phil Smith, Jeff Thompson, Lynne Colborne, Gerry David, Ron D’Entremont, Tim Hopwood, Karel Bergmann, and Robin Hitchon whose excellent work provides colour and interest.

We gave a quick tour of the new site at the November 21st Nature Calgary meeting. If you have questions, or notice any issues with the website, please email  Depending on our members’ feedback, we could do another demo at the December or January general meeting.

Don’t forget that we also have a Facebook page where people can post their photos or links to nature-related news.