Updated Nov. 13, 2020

As of November 13, these are the Nature Calgary protocols for field trips.

Protocols: In and Outside City Single Destination Trips

A single destination trip is one where participants meet at a designated location and proceed on foot.

  1. Maximum of 10 Participants plus leader.
  2. Participants must be members of Nature Calgary.
  3. Pre-registration is required.
  4. Participants must sign a waiver form either on site or bring one already signed. Bring your own pen to sign the waiver form.
  5. Masks or face shields must be worn when outside the vehicle.
  6. Carpooling should only be done with occupants of the same household or bubble.
  7. Refrain from sharing scopes, binoculars, field guides etc outside of your bubble.

Protocols: Outside City Multiple Destination Trips

A multiple destination trip is one where participants drive between locations. For example birding multiple locations during the trip.

  1. Maximum of 5 vehicles plus the leader’s vehicle.
  2. Plus all protocols listed in A above.


Nature Calgary Events

Nature Calgary will soon be resuming events – see the Events Calendar for the latest updates. The Nature Calgary Board, in the interests of the health and safety of members and the public, have adopted the following guidelines for all outings:

  • Only in town outings where carpooling is not needed.
  • Limited to a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Events are limited to Nature Calgary members only.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • The use of masks could be encouraged if social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Each participant is required to sign the Nature Calgary waiver at every event (even if you have previously signed the waiver). It is recommended to print and sign the waiver before the event. 


Bird YYC 2020

In March, Nature Calgary suspended all activities supporting the BirdYYC2020 Big Year Birding Challenge. The WhatsApp Rare Bird Alert Group was shut down. Group outings were cancelled. During the past few months, many people continued to go out birding – albeit without carpooling and generally alone or with care to maintain physical distances. If birders submitted their eBird lists the results continued to show on their BirdYYC2020 patch list. On June 18, the WhatsApp RBA Group was re-opened. Although the COVID-19 restrictions still apply, the BirdYYC2020 challenge will return with the focus shifting a bit more toward the “data collection” aspect and away from the “friendly competition” focus. Our hope is to allow comparison of the 2020 results with those of the 2000 and 2010 events.