Nature Calgary is a finalist to Benefit Brew from Philips Beer. As a finalist, Nature Calgary will automatically receive a donation of $500 for our organization. The finalist, with the most votes in BC and AB, each get their own custom beer which Philips Beer have never made before and the full proceeds (approx. $10,000) will go to the winner.

Voting begins Friday, January 25, 2019 at noon PST and closes noon PST on February 1. 

You can vote for Nature Calgary on the Benefit Brew website – maximum 1 vote per device per day.

Start VOTING today and every day. Get the word out to all your friends. The winner will be announced on Feb 1st at 5pm PST. You can vote on each device once per day.
Help us get the most votes by mobilizing everyone you know and ask them to support Nature Calgary. Put a reminder in your calendar! Click on the link, choose Alberta, and click on Nature Calgary.

In addition to voting, you can ask your friends and family to vote. Here is a suggested message:

Nature Calgary,, needs your support to win the Philips Beer charity Benefit Brew Program. 
Please vote every day to show your support 
By voting every day, you can help Nature Calgary win $10 000.
Start today and vote every day until Feb 1, 2019.
Put a reminder in your calendar!!

Thank you for your help!